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Capturing and preserving Denver's past keeps volunteer traveling the city

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Posted at 10:15 PM, Apr 30, 2023

DENVER – It’s not uncommon to find people walking through Denver neighborhoods looking at the homes, especially the older homes. But it is a bit unusual to see them stop and take pictures of the homes with special handheld tablets.

In that case, you’re probably safe to assume they’re volunteers with Discover Denver program, a partnership between Historic Denver and the City and County of Denver.

“Our volunteers would stand in front and they'd say, ‘Well, this is a bungalow and it is a craftsman style bungalow. It's got a full-width porch with a chimney on the right side and gabled roof,” research and engagement director Beth Glandon says.

One of her favorite volunteers is Judy Trompeter.

“Doesn't matter what the weather's like. Doesn't matter where we are in the city. She will be there,” Beth says.

Judy moved to Denver in 1998 and bought an 1890s row house. As a closing gift, her realtor got her a Historic Denver membership. After reading a few copies of the newsletter, she was hooked.

“I just read every word of it and learned about Denver,” Judy says. “They created a walking tour and I signed up right away to become a walking tour docent.”

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After a few years, she joined the Discover Denver program and has gotten a chance to explore every neighborhood in the city – documenting the homes, and preserving the past. It’s a task she says may never be completely done, but since she enjoys doing it, that’s fine with her.

”You know, I love every house I look at, no matter what shape it's in, because it's sheltering people,” she explains. “I just think we should appreciate modest houses, expensive houses, the development of the city. We should try to save as much as we can.”

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