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7Everyday Hero: Retired lawyer learns magic to entertain kids in the hospital

Posted at 8:14 AM, Sep 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-03 10:14:20-04

If you don't believe in magic, you may soon. 7Everyday Hero and magician Dave Thomas can help you believe. 

He does it every week for children in the hospital.  

"How did that scarf get into an empty box?" he asked a crowd of children. 

Thomas regularly sports a funny hat and performs magic for patients in the atrium of Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora. 

"One, two, three, popcorn!" Thomas exclaimed at the culmination of a trick. The children gathered around, some in wheelchairs, with smiles and giggles. 

"Every child who walks through the door is scared and every parent is worried, and he is just that warm smile that every child needs," said Volunteer Coordinator Christiana Smith. 

Thomas taught himself magic just so he could perform at Children's Hospital. 

"It is to help relax the children and distract them and bring them some happiness and merriment," he said. 

He's performed for the children for more than two years, starting after he retired from practicing law. 

"The children are a lot more fun than the clients," he joked. 

His retirement act is to show children that the hospital is an approachable place. 

"There's magic in this hospital," Thomas told the kids. 

A goofy magician in a Dr. Seuss hat is one other way to show how the community is here for them, he said. 

Thomas has recruited other magicians, and together they donate hundreds of hours. 

"You're paid in smiles and it is rich payment," Thomas said. 

To learn more about Children's Hospital Colorado and volunteering opportunities, go to

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