Volunteer who rescued baby still helps at ER

Posted at 8:13 AM, May 23, 2016
Most of us spend a lifetime avoiding the emergency room, but fortunately, some people train to be there, so they can help us in an emergency. That includes 7Everyday Hero Mary Voita. 
She volunteers at Saint Anthony Hospital in Lakewood. 
"I am kind of a fixture," laughed Voita. 
Voita has volunteered at Saint A's for 17 years. 
"I do it because it makes me feel useful," said Voita. 
Voita likes the idea of helping people who need comfort at one of their lowest moments. 
"Because they are lonely, and sacred, and frightened, and sometimes they are angry," said Voita. 
Marietta Foster, Volunteer Coordinator, said the volunteers are, "like the little angels who are there as all the technical things are being asked."
When Voita first started, the emergency room was not necessarily a place she thought about serving. 
"They said: 'What do you want to do?' and I said: 'I want to hold babies,' said Voita. 
That came true soon enough. In 2001, Voita found a newborn baby. She was pulling into the hospital parking garage and spotted a basket on the ground. 
"And I lifted up the blanket and her feet were pink. That was 15 years ago," said Voita. 
Back then, Denver7 even interviewed Voita about the discovery. 
"I was exhilarated that the baby is fine and so beautiful," Voita said back in 2001. 
Today, Voita is still serving and still smiling about what she has been able to do, just by volunteering. 
"I am still in her life. I want to protect her privacy so that's about all I can say about it, but it's a happy story and I feel blessed I was able to be the one to find her," said Voita.
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