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7Everyday Hero helps give a homeless women a fresh start in Denver

Posted at 10:46 AM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 12:46:18-04

DENVER — Jacki Stanley's motto: If you have more, do more.

That's why every Monday, you'll find her here, at The Delores Project, preparing meals for women and transgender people in need of a healthy dose of compassion.

Lilly Redford with The Delores Project said the nonprofit provides shelter for those individuals experiencing homelessness.

"We usually have 60 shelter beds," she said. "Right now, we are down to about 30 or 32 guests."

Homelessness is daunting enough, but sheltering people during a global pandemic has created new challenges, forcing the shelter to do more with less.

"We serve dinner every day of the week and then lunch on the weekends," Reedford said. "Right now, we’re serving lunch and dinner every single day of the week."

Stanley said the volunteer force has decreased during this time, so she had tried to pick up extra shifts to come in and help wherever she can.

The Delores Project opened its doors 20 years ago. It serves 450 women every year, providing nights of shelter to about 20,000 in that time. That requires hundreds of generous volunteers like Jacki.

"Jacki is one of my like strongest volunteers, I love her, I love her," Redford said. "I just love the way that she advocates for our guests and our residents. She’s really strong about her convictions and I think that comes across."

Stanley said the women in the sheelter are amazing and always positive.

"They're always happy to see me and it just makes me feel really good about giving back," she said.

To donate to The Delores Project or for volunteer opportunities, click here.

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