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Broncos Country, is it time for a new stadium? Here's what you have to say

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Posted: 1:55 PM, Apr 22, 2022
Updated: 2022-04-25 11:54:10-04

DENVER — With the Broncos changing hands for the first time in many years, many people are wondering if it's time for a new stadium?

“It’ll be the No. 1 decision the new owner will have to make,” said Broncos President Joe Ellis. “How are we going to proceed long-term when it comes to the stadium? There are all kinds of things that go into evaluating a new stadium. From a big picture perspective — that will be issue No. 1.”

That statement got Broncos Country fired up.
So, with all the change Broncos Country is experiencing right now, Denver7 360 is asking for 'Your Opinion':
Is it time for a new stadium?

  • What do you think would be the benefit?
  • What's your favorite part about Empower Field at Mile High
  • Where would you prefer to see the stadium? Out by DIA?
  • What's the best way to finance a new stadium in Denver?
Broncos Country, is it time for a new stadium? Denver7 360 presents Your Opinion

You can submit 'Your Opinion' at this link to be featured in this story. Here's what you are saying so far.


'You can't put a price tag on that'

The views of, from, within, and all around Empower field are breathtaking. Walking to your seats on a snowy evening with the lights ablaze, dressed head to toe in Broncos gear, hot cocoa in hand, you can't hold back the gasp or beauty of Mile High Football. Who needs a roof? Not Denverites. Not Coloradans. To play here as your home or as our guest is a moment not to be forgotten anytime soon in a lifetime. The concerts! Going to your first concert with friends, mom and dad, no matter who you go with or who you see, if it isn't Red Rocks it has to be Empower. Riding the light rail downtown. Dinner with friends, cool summer nights enjoying a Broncos sunset. As a warm breeze dances through your hair, the lights dim and the stars come out - not the musical talent - the stars we have been blessed to live a mile high closer too. Moments later, we begin to dance to the music as our hair dances with the wind. Coloradans, across the state, live to be outside. We climb elevations in excess of 14,000 ft to drink a beer. Olympians train here. We have to make reservations for incline stairs. We fish year-round, hunt, camp, hike to hanging lakes, harvest our own vegetables, ride in balloons, and run in the mud because we love it. We also have students and schools that need more support like books, food, supplies, air conditioning, more buildings and better pay for teachers. Food banks need more food, we need more housing and help for our homeless, people need people. Denver does NOT NEED a new stadium. Upgrades and some needs, yes. To spend billions of tax payer money on a football stadium, when my fellow neighbors in Brighton fight like hell to get enough of us to get more schools and money for upgrades for teachers, and fail- is a downright failure of the human race. If each player even donated $1 million of their salary each year to a school fund to be shared and saved for the schools who have the least funding and when a school needs it the most, that's when Colorado would win. Not when we get a new stadium the deprives of us enjoying the very thing we love most about Colorado: being outside. Sharing that with our kids and supporting our Broncos: you can't put a price tag on that.
Tifanny Irions

'Unique for a sports town'

Stan Kroenke has shown that taxpayers don't need to fund stadiums. The Sofi stadium is stunning and privately funded. If the city was to fund anything they should focus on a collaboration on how to make encourage development with the neighborhood in mind and enhance the stadium area to be more vibrant 365 days a year. Having all major stadiums downtown is really unique for a sports town and positively changes the fan experience especially if a more robust district is built around the stadium
Joe T.

'Taking money from schools, roads and every citizen'

Your entire article missed one key point. Taxes or public funds. I would be all for a new stadium as long as no tax payer money is involved. The new owner will come with the biggest bank account (proven by how much the team will sell for) that any tax break or incentive would be taking money from schools, roads and every citizen of this area and gibing it to an American Oligarch. Or, if taxes are involved, the state and/or city get to pull that percentage of revenue from the stadium from games and concerts. If Ball Arena (Pepsi Center) was built without public funds or tax breaks so can a new Bronco stadium. Cities like Buffalo set a bad precedent for other NFL cities. They can be held hostage to hand money out to the richest of the rich. Make the rich pay for their own toys.
Dave Wells

Broncos vs. Chiefs with some ominous looking clouds.

'If God wasn't a Bronco's fan, why are our sunsets orange and blue?'

To all the folks suggesting that they build a new stadium out near the airport, please know that DIA's elevation is 5,430. While they may have sold out by selling the naming rights, it's still Mile High Stadium to me. Moving the stadium from her current location at exactly 5,280 feet in elevation for convenience would be a mistake. Additionally, those who are talking about how it would be nice to have a dome, because our weather can be uncomfortable maybe should stay home and sell their tickets to die-hard fans. It's Colorado - to live here is to know that we often have to dress for all four seasons. Layers are crucial and preparation is key. When the Broncos take the field under the beautiful Colorado blue sky or a Colorado snowstorm, it's epic and a personal discomfort falls away. I like to think that playing in crap weather gives our guys home-field advantage. Go Broncos!!! Rain or shine - if God wasn't a Bronco's fan, why are our sunsets orange and blue?
Debbie Baker

'A new stadium would create more jobs, a possible super bowl'

A new stadium would create more jobs, a possible super bowl, other events, etc,. It would be beautiful for the city of Denver.
Vincent Vasquez

'I think a partial reconstruction would be most likely'

I think Mile High is a prime candidate for a substantial renovation and expansion. This is not unheard of in the NFL with the Dolphins engaging in a $500m reno in 2015 (though a decrease in capacity.) Specifically, I don't see an ideal way to add on to the stadium so I think a partial reconstruction would be most likely. Roof, in our climate the purpose would be to heat the stadium. This is far more expensive than Miami so I see this as optional. As an architect, I'd suggest "re-skinning" the exterior walls. The existing metal grid looks very basic and dated and a new facade could be a relatively low cost, high aesthetic impact update. Finally, I think a major element of the renovation would be new innovative seating options we see all across the league such as the "living room suites" in Miami. There'd also be more minor desires like widening the field in hopes of getting more major soccer games and modern LED lights. Overall we might see reduced seats in the lower level as more premium modern seating options are added, but total seats increased by a reconstruction of the upper deck. Benefit: Increased ticket revenue. The Broncos massively undercharge for season tickets and the waiting list has become completely stagnant. I think a better question than stadium changes would be what do new owners do on season ticket prices. If I were the owner, I'd push for a ~30% price increase to bring them inline with market value (the resale value). Favorite Part about Mile High - the view from the highway inside and of the Broncos logo made from seats. But I'd choose an expansion over maintaining that. Location: N/A in a reno & expansion. Financing: I believe that in this political climate a new construction is unlikely. An expansion could be funded by a mix of season ticket revenue (and other indirect revenue gains) and perhaps limited public funding.
Luke Durkin

'Denver has enough financial struggles'

This emergent narrative that the Broncos could push for a new stadium is irresponsible. The Broncos stadium is less than 20 years old. The prospect of tearing down a mega structure like that to build a new one like it’s getting a new smart phone is offensive. The common saying,”it will economically help the surrounding neighborhoods” is a farce. Sun Valley is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Denver and it is just south of the football stadium. Also look at Federal Blvd adjacent to the stadium, it is pretty run down. All those suburbanites aren't spending their money in these areas like people would like you to believe. If the Broncos want a new stadium they can do it on their own dime. Denver has enough financial struggles. If it’s “new stadium or broncos leave” I’ll help pack their saddle bags.
Dmitrius O.

'The current Bronco's stadium is light years ahead'

Empower Field at Mile High is an incredible place to watch a football game. I grew up in New England where my first NFL game was at the old Foxboro stadium. The current Bronco's stadium is light years ahead of the Foxboro of old. I've also seen games in the new Gillette Stadium, and again... the Bronco's Stadium is advanced compared to Gillette. The Bronco's do not NEED a new stadium. The stadium needs a facelift, it needs some love and renovations, but it does not need to be torn down at just ~20 years old. If a new stadium is indeed proposed, count me in as a NO vote if taxpayers are expected to foot ANY of the bill.
John Lacroix

It’s been a less than desirable season for the Broncos but this sunrise over Mile High didn’t suck!

'Build out by DIA--you will have mega more space

Build out by DIA--you will have mega more space, you can ease the traffic nightmare on I-25, and the Denver Broncos can have the advantage of having an indoor/outdoor venue which would work great when the winter months set in!
Bob Schmidt

'A retractable roof would be nice'

I believe the stadium does not Need to be rebuilt, a retractable roof would be nice. I feel as one fan said if it’s the owner who is paying for it do what you want, but if it’s the taxpayers who’s footing the bill then we need to have some say so.

'I've been at games in extreme sun and heat, dangerous lightning, high winds'

I think that the Broncos new ownership should build a new stadium, or if the current stadium is to be remodeled, it should at least have a roof added (retractable or not). I think it was a mistake to build the current stadium without any kind of enclosure. We have enough severe weather in Colorado to warrant a more controlled climate. I've been at games in extreme sun and heat, dangerous lightning, high winds, freezing rain, snow and ice. An enclosed stadium would also provide many year-round opportunities and benefits to the Denver area.
Joan Bennett

'I am a native of 61 years. The Broncos are stamped on my heart and soul'

I am a native of 61 years. The Broncos are stamped on my heart and soul. I think for many like me, we feel this stadium is still "new". We used to go to a game every now again if we could afford it and could buy tickets at face value. For the last couple of decades, tickets have priced many average folks out of ever going, let alone making it a family event. I would strongly oppose any tax to me to build a stadium I can never afford to sit in.
Gary K.
File photo: Denver Broncos orange sunset by Sports Authority Field at Mile High . Photo by Jeff Howe

'If we aren't going for epic. Then leave it alone'

I am mixed on the idea. This stadium isn't that old! But the location is absolutely terrible. If they decide to build a new one than keep this one up for other amenities. The new location should be built on top of one of our plates. Near golden. That would be epic. If we aren't going for epic. Then leave it alone.

'It's just my opinion'

I know people are going to attack my opinion but remember, it is just my opinion and there will be thousands more opinions besides mine. That being said, the Broncos don't need a new stadium. What's wrong with the stadium we have now? We have a beautiful stadium already, which is fairly new and probably one of the best football stadiums out there. Also, the country has enough to worry about with the rising prices on food, gas, rent, interest rates, etc.. Colorado taxpayer's don't need another tax to pay. Especially for a stadium that many people can't even afford to purchase a ticket and will probably never get to attend a football game. How about we spend the money on something like helping the homeless in Colorado, help feed the families that cannot afford to eat on a daily basis or get to their jobs because they cannot pay to fuel their vehicles. We should think more about helping OUR Colorado communities and the people that are in need, whatever that might entail. That sounds like a better idea to me, then worrying about our high dollar football team having a new place to run around. Again, please keep in mind, it's just my opinion. There are no right or wrong answers

'If they build a new stadium it could be a solid move for the team

If they build a new stadium it could be a solid move for the team, I just hope the billionaire that buys the team pays for the stadium so tax payers aren't burdened by a Sports league while we have thousands of homeless people here in Denver that could use help.
A little orange above the Broncos stadium.

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