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'Trump turned our flag into a negative image': What viewers are saying on our report on yard signs

Posted at 1:07 AM, Oct 22, 2020

DENVER -- We received an overwhelming response to our 360 story about presidential yard signs.

In it we asked whether you put one up this year and if so why? And if these signs affect on how you feel about the person who put them up?

Hundreds of you told us that no amount of intimidation, direct or implied, would keep you from putting up your Trump or Biden sign. We even heard from a couple of Kanye supporters.

Scores of others said they didn't put up a sign this year for fear of vandalism... to the sign or their property.

Many said they didn't put one up because they didn't have the energy for the inevitable fight with a neighbor.

There were stories of stolen signs, replacements, stolen replacements and installed security cameras.

I encourage you to go the Denver7 Facebook page and read the comments. Read as a whole, they really shine a light on the complexities and frustrations of this political season.

I want to single out an email from a woman named Elizabeth. And I'm warning you now that a lot of you are going to be offended by it - but I've never heard someone say this before.

Elizabeth describes herself as a "soft Republican." She is white and a senior citizen.

She writes, "Unfortunately, I see the American flag as representative of white supremacy, not a patriotic unifying symbol. It is to me what the rebel flag has been touted as for southern Blacks. Starting just this year, I find the American flag offensive. Pres. Trump has turned our flag into a negative image for me. When I see the flag flying on a house or car, I think 'Trump supporter, gun bearing/NRA, racist.' I am saddened to feel this way since he has created these emotions by making a mockery of democracy and truth. I do not like VP Biden and his socialist ideas, but there is little choice in elections. Where did decency, calmness, work & life ethics go?"

I told you. Thanks to all of you who shared your stories. Keep sharing. Every one of them is read.

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