Tips on keeping your car healthy in the summer

Posted at 1:07 PM, Jul 16, 2019

Regular maintenance is key in keeping your car healthy for a long time. Car owners often get their car prepared for the winter, but auto mechanics say summer is an important time to have maintenance done to your vehicle.

Brad Deen, with Import Mechanics in Denver, says there are a few tips you can do to keep your car running in the high heat, and for years to come.

“Most important thing getting into the summer months is the cooling system,” he says. “That’s about the biggest thing you’re going to see when it comes to leading to a breakdown.”

Deen says start with making sure the fluid levels in your vehicle are correct, like the coolant and oil. We all know a proper oil change is important, but in the summer months, your oil can thin out quickly. That can lead to serious engine problem.

“Next, belts and hoses,” he says. “What you are looking for are cracks in belts, cracks in hoses, as well as swelling in the hoses.”

Belts and hoses are essential to keeping the cooling and air conditioning system functioning.

There’s a misconception that winter is the only season that can destroy a car’s battery due to temps.

“The high temperatures in the summer can actually lead to the acid in the battery to evaporate faster,” Deen explains. “Then, all of a sudden, you can find yourself with a battery that is not charged.”

Also, the heat from the asphalt can deflate your tires.

“Tires are a safety issue any season,” he says. “Making sure the pressure is correct is paramount.”

Lastly, getting a full-service maintenance on your vehicle every 12,000 miles is also a great idea.