Denver-based Havenly registry makes design wish lists come true

Registry pairs clients with interior designer
Posted at 10:10 PM, May 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 00:32:54-04

DENVER -- 'Tis the season for wedding registries. But anyone who has browsed endless lists of products knows it can be overwhelming. And who knows if it all goes well together?

That is the reason Denver-based design startup Havenly just launched a new registry service, pairing people who want a registry with a professional interior designer to make it.

"The curated approach and the designer's touch really elevates the registry," said Matthew Erly, Havenly's Director of Growth. "These are professional interior designers who understand how your room should fit together."

Erly said the Havenly designers shop hundreds of stores, including wholesale and trade vendors people wouldn't normally be able to access, and they work with any budget.

Elyza Brillantes is an in-house Havenly designer who has worked with clients for baby showers, weddings and even birthdays.

She said the clients select their style, send photographs of the space and then she creates a custom list of items for their registry.

Recently, a woman had just remodeled her kitchen and wanted to create a birthday registry for her family and friends.

"So, everything from shelving, to decorative accessories and down to the flatware as well," said Brillantes. "She definitely had an idea of what [style] she wanted, but she wanted that affirmation, that second pair of eyes, that what she was going for actually worked." 

The registry also allows people to pool their money together towards big-ticket items, such as a couch.

To try out Registry by Havenly, click here