Englewood puppy allegedly abused by owners making hopeful recovery

Posted at 9:47 PM, Nov 07, 2018

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- A 20-week-old puppy is making a miraculous recovery after she had her back broken and her ribs punctured, allegedly by her owners. 

“She's on the mend and has nothing but good things on her horizon” Cheryl Stapleton from the MaxFund told Denver7.

"Kayle" (pronounced “Kay-Lee”) is a five-month-old bull terrier mix who's been charming the staff at Englewood's VRCC animal hospital since arriving last week close to death.

"She couldn't move but she would still have the sweetest little kisses for you even when she was in obvious pain," said Stapleton.

Kaylee's owners dropped her off at the MaxFund on October 26. Stapleton said it was obvious the puppy had been severely abused.

"She came to us with a ruptured lung, broken spine, fractured ribs, both old and new, and fractured hips," said Stapleton, adding Kayle could barely breathe.

"She would wag her tail whenever anyone came up to the oxygen door. She was trying very hard. You see all kinds in a shelter. You think you become immune to it, but then sweet Kayle came through our door and it just broke us," said Stapleton.

Denver Animal Protection took the puppy from the owners, and is now pursuing charges against them. The MaxFund raced Kayle to the hospital where she underwent surgery to fix her broken spine.

"She was in very bad shape. It was very sad to see this puppy that was injured by someone's hand," said VRCC technician Patty Lebow. "There's only so much you can break before you break the spirit."

Lebow says despite the painful surgery, Kayle's spirit never broke, and she has thrived surrounded by loving hands.

Now Lebow is hoping the puppy's owners will face justice.

"Somebody is sick doing this. I hope something happens to them. I hope they don't get away with it," she said.

Meanwhile, Lebow says this special puppy will eventually be up for adoption. She envies the family that brings Kayle into their home.

"Seeing her and knowing how much she loves people still, makes me happy I work with animals every single day."

In a few weeks, Kayle will have another surgery to repair her broken hips. The MaxFund can really use your help. They're holding a live fundraiser Thursday to help pay for the surgery. You can find that information at the and on their Facebook page.