Gabriel's Restaurant & Tuscan Bar in Sedalia to close its doors after 38 years

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Posted at 12:51 PM, Apr 29, 2024
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SEDALIA, Colo. — Gabriel's Restaurant & Tuscan Bar announced it will close its doors after 38 years in business, the restaurant posted on its Facebook page Wednesday.

The restaurant accepted its last reservation for Saturday, April 27.

"But our last day of service has yet to be determined," Gabriel's said in its Wednesday post.

The Sedalia main-stay did not explain why it's shutting down.

But it closed out the announcement Wednesday by saying, ‘'"Arrivederci,’ we know, is just goodbye for now. Not forever, but rather, ‘until we see each other again.’"

Gabriel's did ask its loyal customers to come out one last time to visit the restaurant, acknowledging how the business has become a part of many family traditions.

"And that’s what makes the decision to close Gabriel’s so difficult," the restaurant said in its announcement.

Many of Gabriel's patrons shared their memories in the comments of Wednesday's post.

Gabriel’s will always hold special memories for us. We were engaged there in 1989. Matthew put the ring into the top of a Sacher torte. We ALWAYS asked for Vera and the old section when making a reservation.
We had our rehearsal dinner in the upstairs of Gabriel’s in 1990. And I have some professional family photos taken from the inside of the front of the restaurant. We spent many anniversaries at Gabriel’s over the years, too.

Best of luck to all of you!
Jan Ramona Pickett Sanko
From Pennsylvania: This makes me so incredibly sad. An evening at Gabriel's Restaurant & Tuscan Bar was always a highlight of my trip to Sedalia to visit my aunt in the summer. Gabriel's was such a special place that always reminded me that incredible meals, prepared and served with skill, artistry, talent, and flair still exist in this world. You will be greatly missed.
Deb Smith Elliott
13 of the best years of my life were as a server at Gabriel's. I loved working there because it was a special occasion restaurant, be it a holiday, anniversary, birthday, prom, retirement, hot first date, proposal, our guests were there in a great mood to have a wonderful evening. It was our job as staff to put on a good show and we did because we truly cared and took pride in our work. Most of the time we were a happy family as a staff, with quirks and flaws, but overwhelmingly creating beautiful memories I will forever treasure.
Thomas B Guise
We are from Ontario, Canada and we would come and dine with you whenever we visited Sedalia. With our good friends Marcia and Tom. We will miss you!!
Zoey Wood-Salomon
Oh my gosh. My wife Denise and I shared many special occasions with you, and the highlight was my parent’s 50th anniversary celebration there 10 yrs ago. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives. We will miss you and will always treasure the beautiful memories.
Greg Burcham

The house that's home to the beloved business has more than a century's worth of history in Sedalia, Colorado, according to its website.

The Manhart house was built when pioneers Christian and Sarah Manhart moved their family to Douglas County in 1866, creating a homestead on ranchland near the entrance of Jarre Canyon, Gabriel's website cites.

The building housed another family after the Manharts before it was converted to Gabriel's Restaurant & Tuscan Bar in 1986, according to the business website.

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