Kepner Beacon Middle School in Denver closes early Wednesday due to power outage and loss of air conditioning

The middle school is one of 17 Denver Public Schools releasing students early Wednesday
Denver Public Schools
Posted at 12:06 PM, Aug 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-23 14:36:52-04

DENVER — A lack of sufficient air conditioning disrupted students' learning at another Denver Public Schools campus Wednesday.

Kepner Beacon Middle School let students go as early as 10:30 a.m. Wednesday due to a power outage that resulted in the loss of air conditioning in parts of the building, the school's executive principal, Alex Magaña, wrote in a notice to parents. The power outage put the cafeteria's ability to serve lunch normally in jeopardy. However, the students were given sack lunches to eat.

Students had to stay in their first period class until they were dismissed or the school got permission from parents to release their child.

"All students will remain on campus unless we have direct permission from a parent or guardian listed on the emergency contact form," Magaña wrote in the notice to parents.

The maintenance staff is working to fix the problem and restore power, Magaña said.

This comes after at least 14 Denver Public Schools campuses closed early Tuesday because of high temperatures and insufficient to no air conditioning in some buildings.

Scott Pribble, director of external communications for Denver Public Schools, created a centralized page Tuesday, listing the school closings which you can find here.

17 were included Wednesday:

  • Park Hill Elementary
  • McMeen Elementary
  • Whittier Elementary
  • Polaris Elementary
  • Carson Elementary
  • Godsman Elementary
  • Bryant Webster Elementary
  • Columbine Elementary
  • Stedman Elementary
  • Asbury Elementary
  • Bradley Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Brown Elementary
  • Knapp Elementary
  • University Park
  • Edison Elementary
As temperatures soar, Denver students return to schools without air conditioning

Wednesday's power outage highlights the larger issue across the district with unequal distribution of air conditioning between schools, and the DPS push to even the playing field.

To learn more about how DPS is prioritizing schools in need of air conditioning, click here. To see the project timeline for installing air conditioning at schools, click here.

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