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The 23 most-liked Colorado photos of 2023: Fiery sunsets, brilliant rainbows, fall colors and more

From eye-popping rainbows over Red Rocks to fiery Colorado sunsets, 2023 brought beautiful moments across the Centennial State captured by amazing photographers. Here are the top photos of the year.
Posted: 7:56 AM, Dec 31, 2023
Updated: 2023-12-31 09:57:17-05
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DENVER — From eye-popping rainbows over Red Rocks, brilliant colors at Maroon Bells to fiery Colorado sunsets, 2023 brought beautiful moments across the Centennial State captured by some incredible photographers.

Denver7 is counting down the Top 23 photos of the year captured in our Facebook photography group, 'Discover Colorado | Through Your Photos'.

We love each and every one of the thousands of images shared in the group and are thankful for the growing community of photographers who share their passion for our beautiful Colorado.

The photos are ranked starting with #23 to #1 based up on the total number of interactions by members in the group.

If you love our state and want to re-live and explore moments through all of Colorado's amazing seasons, check out our Facebook group.


“Walk up to my first Red Rocks Concert” | July 25
Kyle Tucker

23 - Kyle Tucker - first red rocks concert.jpg


The Million Dollar Highway | June 19
Waseem Shahla

22 - Waseem Shahla million dollar hwy.jpg


Durango Silverton Railway | March 28
Maggie Stasonis-Enderle

21 - Maggie Stasonis-Enderle - durango silverton railway.jpg


My son graduated high school so to celebrate we got up at 2 a.m. and drove to Aspen and watched the sunrise on Maroon Bells. It was so majestic.
Wren Nichole Branham

20 - Wren Nichole Branham - son graduate.jpg


The Ice Waves are back 😁 | February 19
Dennis Wolf

19 - Dennis Wolf - ice waves.jpg


Lakeside Amusement Park, Denver, Colorado | May 18
Jodi DeGerlia McWaters

18 - Jodi DeGerlia McWaters - lakeside.jpg


Great Sand Dunes National Park🤎 | June 18
Morgan Woods

17 - Morgan Woods - sand dunes.jpg


Pretty Pass | June 2
Jo Casta

16 - Jo Casta - pretty pass.jpg


Grand Junction Colorado, rise of the Supermoon tonight! | July 2
Lania Love Photography

15 - Lania Love Photography - Supermoon.jpg


Vail Pass 🏔🌨 June 2, 2023
Alaine Nicole

14 - Alaine Nicole - vail pass.jpg


Nature's Window This morning I woke up at 4:30 am and drove to Garden of the Gods in hopes of catching pre-dawn light. It then began to blizzard while I was in the Park, and I waited it out in the parking lot. The reward was a winter wonderland once the clouds broke.
Zach Vogel Photography

13 - Zach Vogel Photography - natures window.jpg


Snowy morning at Maroon Bells, Aspen Colorado | October 3
Alaine Nicole

12 - Alaine Nicole - Maroon Bells.jpg


Omg, this Super Blue moon, rising over Louisville, CO!😍 | August 30
Loren Laureti

11 - Loren Laureti - supermoon.jpg


I actually won a local photo contest (no prize) with this photo I took on the Grand Mesa. I am by no means a professional photographer so I was thrilled! | November 12
Tammy Blanchette

10 - Tammy Blanchette - grand mesa.jpg


Westcliffe 🏔️ | September 7
Devin Cabrera

9 - Devin Cabrera - westcliffe.jpg


I was resting by a pond near Guanella Pass at the end of a backpacking trip when a massive bull moose appeared from an area of dense willows right behind me. It stopped for a moment when it saw me, clearly thought through its options, then wandered by a mere fifteen feet away - which, to be honest, was a slightly nervy moment for both of us. It then entered the water, drank, and then began splashing... perhaps to cool off, perhaps to defeat the clouds of mosquitoes, or perhaps just for the fun of it - who can say?! With a zoom lens in place I was able to grab a bunch of photos over the following half hour. I like this one the best! | July 24
Andrew Terrill

8 - Andrew Terrill - Guanella Pass.jpg


Red Rocks! Nothing compares! | June 5
Tracey Lanteri

7 - Tracey Lanteri - Red Rocks.jpg


A brisk morning walk to get coffee in #telluride #Colorado | November 10
Joseph Johnson

6 - Joseph Johnson - Telluride.jpg


Good morning, Colorado Near Broadmoor | January 2
Erika Berrios

5 - Erika Berrios - Broadmoor.jpg


Looking down the 16th street mall at 7:30 this morning from the Denver Millennium Bridge | November 3
Jerry Jimenez

4 - Jerry Jimenez - Millennium Bridge.jpg


16th Street Mall on the first snowfall of the season. | October 28
Heidi Armstrong Khoury

3 - Heidi Armstrong Khoury - 16th street mall.jpg


First snow blanketing the Stanley. Estes Park | October 28
Robbie Gellhaus

2 - Robbie Gellhaus- Stanley.jpg


The most Colorado thing you'll see today. Rafting to the dispensary 😄 | May 27
Jo Casta

1 - Jo Casta - Rafting.jpg

That's a wrap to 2023! Thanks to everyone who shared some of their favorite Colorado moments.

The 23 most-liked Colorado photos of 2023: Fiery sunsets, rainbows and more

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