The Denver Zoo got Maury to announce the paternity results for the newest member of its orangutan family

Maury Povich was invited by the Denver Zoo to reveal the DNA test results for 4-month-old Siska
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Posted at 11:32 AM, Dec 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-20 10:27:22-05

DENVER – Jaya might be in the prime of his age to father infants at the Denver Zoo’s Sumatran orangutan enclosure, but we’re sorry to say… you are NOT the father!

You might remember that the zoo recently welcomed Siska, the newest member of its Sumatran orangutan family back in late August. At the time though, zoo officials said they wouldn’t know for quite some time who the father was as DNA tests were still pending.

Endangered Sumatran orangutan baby born at Denver Zoo

Well, the results are in and who better to deliver the news than the man himself, Maury Povich?

“When it comes to the orangutan 4-month-old Siska, Berani… you ARE the father!” Maury said in a recorded message posted by the Denver Zoo on X, formerly Twitter, Tuesday morning.

We don’t know how the Denver Zoo got Maury to make the special announcement, but we’re pretty sure 30-year-old Berani is going to be a happy dad. And luckily for Jaya, he’s off the hook when it comes to child support… for now.

Watch the reveal in the video below.

Denver Zoo gets Maury to announce DNA test results for newborn orangutan

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