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Colorado volunteers make sure cancer patients never miss a treatment appointment

Posted at 3:11 PM, Nov 08, 2019

DENVER – When you’re fighting cancer, you don’t want to fight traffic. That’s where the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program steps in, offering rides to and chemo and radiation appointments as well as doctor’s visits.

The program is largely staffed by volunteers like Mansoor Yousaf, who volunteers to drive patients a couple times a week.

“It doesn’t take up too much time to be honest with you,” Yousaf said. “It’s very flexible, efficient, just a great way to help.”

Yousaf knows he’s helping cancer patients improve their health by getting them to their appointments, but he says he gets just as much out of it as they do. Some of the patients he’s driven he’s helped out during their entire treatment process.

“They are so pleasant,” he says. “Great conversations – everything from a piano player to a homemaker to someone who worked in the car industry for 30 years and are excited to be in this particular car. It’s all very unique.”

When volunteer drivers are unable, Road to Recovery relies on other services to help shuttle patients which can cost money. That’s why events like the American Cancer Society’s NovemBeard fundraiser are so important to the program.

This year, more than 20 men from Denver7 have joined others in the community to grow beards as a way of starting conversations about cancer programs and the need for funding. Denver7 anchor Shannon Ogden, sports director Lionel Bienvenu and reporters Russell Haythorn, Jason Gruenauer, Sean Towle, Ivan Rodriguez, Nick Rothschild and Troy Renck are among those sporting the scruff for a cause this November.

You can visit the American Cancer Society’s website or call 800-227-2345 if you are interested in volunteering for the Road to Recovery program or if you know a patient who could use a ride. To donate to the NovemBeard campaign, you can visit the Denver7 team page or click on any of the individuals above to donate to their individual fundraising efforts.