Arvada's 'Rock the Spectrum' gym offers amenities catering to kids on the autism spectrum

Posted at 7:00 AM, Mar 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-25 11:50:27-04

ARVADA -- Gyms are an excellent way for kids to release some energy, but the concept behind Arvada’s new Rock the Spectrum gym goes a little deeper.

“Our gym focuses on sensory input which all kids benefit from, but kids with special needs particularly -- it’s helpful to them,” owner Amy Woszczynski told Denver7.

Amy and her husband opened the gym back in January after learning about the franchise while researching ideas to help their oldest son, Asher, who has autism.

“Just being physical is good for any kid and it helps Asher to focus a little bit better,” Amy said. “He’s happier. He sleeps better, you know, he’s focused.”

While kids of all abilities enjoy the gym, much of it was designed specifically for kids on the autism spectrum. 

“We actually have ten pieces of sensory equipment in each of the gyms that is used specifically for sensory input,” Amy explained.

Among those pieces, swings which help kids learn about balance and learning where their bodies are in relationship to others.

There’s even a zipline, which helps kids with motor planning disorder.

“Sometimes kids on the spectrum struggle with knowing the logical steps of things,” Amy said. “The zipline helps. There’s logical steps to it and it helps them realize that’s how things work.”

But what really sets the gym apart is the “quiet room” which has weighted blankets to help kids calm down and something called a canoe which wraps around kids like a big hug.

You can learn more about the gym’s cost and times on the Rock the Spectrum-Arvada website.


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