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How your Colorado Gives Day gift can make a big difference

Posted at 1:35 PM, Dec 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-02 15:36:38-05

The connection nonprofits have with the people they serve is unlike any other. Whether it’s providing access to food, healthcare, arts and culture, or mental health, nonprofits are helping people every day in Colorado. The energy and awareness brought to people through their missions is matched by those who care enough to give.

Someone thinking about donating may ask themselves, “I’m just one person” or “I don’t have a lot I can give” or “Can my gift really make a difference?” The answer? Yes!

According to GivingUSA, nearly 70 percent of all money raised by nonprofits comes from individual giving. That’s people in the community, and it’s a lot of money, and an even bigger impact. In Colorado, individual gifts directly benefit communities across the state, from Sterling to Cortez, and everywhere in between. ColoradoGivesDay.org gives donors an online marketplace of nonprofits. It’s a literal cornucopia of nonprofits anyone can search to find the cause that speaks to them. It’s easier than ever to find a cause someone’s passionate about and donate, or to go a step further and create fundraising pages for organizations they want to support.

Personal fundraising gives individuals the freedom to determine how much they can give, who they want to support, and the impact they hope to have.

Donors can start their personal giving adventure and find a cause worth caring about on ColoradoGives.org.

Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, Dec. 6 and every gift made gets an extra boost from a $1.4 million incentive fund.