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Your kids will love playing with this Instant Pot lookalike toy

Your Kids Will Love Playing With This Instant Pot Lookalike Toy
Posted at 4:50 PM, Aug 01, 2019

Your kids’ tea parties are about to be taken to the next level. A kid-friendly version of the Instant Pot now exists, making meal prep in the play kitchen a whole lot more realistic.

Little ones will be able to cook a pretend dinner that’s just as good as the ones their parents make thanks to this toy set from Perfectly Cute, which contains a toy Instant Pot that looks almost identical to the one you purchased on Prime Day. The pot comes with whole chicken and broccoli lookalikes (made of plastic, but surprisingly realistic) and a water dropper to make “steam.”

In other words, the set has everything your kids need to get “cooking,” and it couldn’t be more adorable. The set is available for just $19.99 at Target:


It’s worth a purchase for cuteness alone, but the practical elements will surely make this all the more fun for kids. The water dropper allows you to add water directly into the lid, and with the push of a button, a cold “steam” is released from the top. That, coupled with the realistic cooking sounds this thing makes, will have your kids feeling like master chefs in no time:


The broccoli and chicken fit into the pot, and once the cooking’s complete, your kids will be able to serve up a delicious meal to their teddy bears, action figures and other party guests:


If cooking is how your kids like to have fun, there are plenty of products they’re sure to love from the Perfectly Cute brand available at Target.

This piece doubles as a stovetop and a grill, for instance. So they can be frying veggies on the skillet one minute and flipping meat on the grill the next:


The set also includes a skillet, six play food items, kebabs and more — all for just $12.99.

Your kids can then whip up some delicious desserts thanks to this baking felt cookie set. It features everything from felt dough sheets to faux sprinkle containers, giving your kids everything they need to make pretend cookies from scratch. The set is available for $14.99 at Target.


Add any of these items to your kids’ kitchen area and the culinary fun can begin! What will you and the kids be cooking up tonight?

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