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Amazon Boxes Will Look Different This Month And Here’s The Reason Why

Amazon Boxes Will Look Different This Month And Here’s The Reason Why
Posted at 6:00 PM, Oct 14, 2020

If you’re one of the millions of shoppers who took advantage of Amazon Prime Days this week, then you are probably eagerly expecting some packages to arrive soon.

Don’t you get a special kind of happy feeling when you see those Amazon boxes with the little smile icon on the side? You know something good awaits you inside.

From now through Halloween, however, your Amazon packages may come with a little surprise: a white pumpkin printed on the box.

This little guy may look rather plain, but he holds a secret. The white pumpkins are part of Amazon’s Augmented Reality experience via the company’s AR player app.


First, you download the app, and then decorate the white pumpkin with markers. Next, simply point your smartphone at the QR code on the box and the virtual jack-o’-lantern comes to life!

The Amazon AR app uses similar technology to Snapchat filters. It manipulates an image so that it appears to be wearing accessories or making different expressions.

Amazon released a promotional video showing how customers can have fun decorating their own virtual pumpkins for Halloween.

The video shows a group of friends having a blast with their new, virtual pumpkins. Once the pumpkin is created in the app, users can dress it up however they want with crazy hats, hair and costumes. It also appears as if the pumpkin can be moved around your home and even used as a filter to create your own spooky selfies.

But what if you weren’t one of the shoppers who got the special boxes with the white pumpkins? Never fear! Just visit the Get a Pumpkin website, print your own pumpkin, download the app via the Apple App Store or Google Play and start enjoying your augmented reality.

Amazon only has the pumpkin available on its new AR app right now, but photos on the App Store page show other fun options in the works, such as using the app to transform your Amazon box into a car!


So, keep an eye out for more surprises on your Amazon boxes — you never know what they’ll send home next!

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