Weighing the safety of visiting mom on Mother's Day or any day

Posted at 10:37 AM, May 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted shelter-in-place restrictions across the country, but with more states lifting some of their guidelines, some are wondering if a visit to mom this Mother's Day is doable and safe.

"It depends on your own risk. Have you been outside working regularly and exposed to other people? You may still be wearing a mask, washing your hands and that type of thing, but you wouldn't want to bring something to her," said Dr. Emily Blodget, an infectious disease doctor with the Expert Institute.

Dr. Blodget says while it may be tempting to throw caution to the wind and celebrate with your mom this Mother's Day or to visit your parents on any other day in the near future, consider how much you've been sheltering-in-place and the health of your mom or parents.

"Do you think your mom would be at high risk for a severe disease if she did get the coronavirus? By age and having any of the other hypertension, heart disease, lung disease, any of those risk factors,” she said.

Of course, travel is something to keep in mind, too. Even if you've been staying home for the last two weeks and safely in quarantine, traveling too far could be a risk.

Blodget says if you have to stop at a rest stop, it may not be a good idea.

"I don't think you would be relaxed if that was the case,” she said. “If you had to stop and you were driving hours and needed to go to gas station and need to go to a rest stop.”

If both parties have been staying home for two weeks, Blodget says visiting in person is likely safe. But if you're unsure of taking the risk, you can always get creative by meeting at a park and hanging out from a distance or even celebrating by video chat.

"You still need to remember social distancing, as well as hand washing and all those other recommendations that have been in place over the last few weeks just to keep everyone safe," Dr. Blodget said.

Remembering that the most important gift this Mother's Day is to keep your mom safe and healthy.