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There’s A Website That Warns You If A Movie Or Book Has A Sad Dog Plot

There’s A Website That Warns You If A Movie Or Book Has A Sad Dog Plot
Posted at 12:50 PM, Jan 06, 2020

If you’re still not over the ending of “Marley & Me” and can’t even think about “Old Yeller” without welling up, there’s a website that could help you prepare yourself for similar movies. The site — “Does the Dog Die” — doesn’t need much explanation. It’s a crowdsourced collection of dog movies that definitely require Kleenex

The site couldn’t be easier to use. You simply search for the title of the movie you’re considering for your next couch session and it gives you a “yes” or “no” answer to the question, “does the dog die?” You can also search for books and TV shows. And if you want the intel on the fate of non-canine species, you can also search for cats, horses or other types of animals. 

For instance, if you search for the 1989 movie “Turner & Hooch,” you find out that the “dog is shot protecting his master and dies.” (Sob.)

And if you’ve forgotten what happens in the 2000 movie “My Dog Skip,” the website will remind you: “Dog is hit with a spade but survives. He later dies of old age.”

Of course, knowing an adorable dog dies doesn’t mean you won’t watch the movie. But you can at least arm yourself with all the necessary comforts — tissues, chocolate, snuggly blanket — to help you get through it (or maybe skip the sad parts). 

FYI, here’s a heads up from the voting community on Ranker: “Marley & Me” has the saddest movie animal death scene, followed by “I Am Legend.” 

“Does the Dog Die” provides even more movie, TV and book spoilers to ensure even the most sensitive viewer doesn’t get a nasty shock. You can find out if teeth are damaged, if someone has an anxiety attack, and if there are clowns, fat jokes, spiders or strobe effects.

So far, nobody has identified a movie that includes all of these things, but there’s bound to be one out there. 

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