WATCH: Timelapse of eclipse of Supermoon

Posted at 10:19 AM, Sep 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-28 12:19:14-04

Did you miss Sunday's lunar eclipse of the Supermoon?

Meteorologist Cory Reppenhagen shot a timelapse of the moon. It started to move through a cloud layer as the eclipse neared full, but you could see a little red in there before it vanished.

Click on the videoplayer above to see the timelapse.

Although the clouds did hamper some viewing, many people in Colorado witnessed the rare astronomical phenomenon of the total lunar eclipse combined with the so-called supermoon.

The eclipse was visible in North and South America, Europe, Africa and western Asia on Sunday night or early Monday.

It was the first time the events have made a twin appearance since 1982, and they won't again until 2033.

When a full moon makes its closest approach to Earth, it appears slightly bigger and brighter than usual and has a reddish hue.

That coincides with a full lunar eclipse where the moon, Earth and sun will be lined up, with Earth's shadow totally obscuring the moon.