Extreme Colorado gift ideas

Posted at 8:36 PM, Dec 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-20 23:53:16-05

Trying to find a gift for your Colorado adventurer can be challenging. Instead of getting equipment, gear, or videos, why not give an actual extreme Colorado adventure?

Here's a list to help you out. Some of these activities are running holiday discounts as well.

            Experience the feel of skydiving without the fear of heights. 100 mile per hour winds suspend you in mid-air while you learn to maneuver your free falling body. They are offering a holiday special for the rest of December 2015. Buy 1 and get 1 for half off.

            In Colorado, there is nothing more extreme than getting shuttled to the top of a white capped mountain peak, only to strap in and carve a line in untouched powder.

            This one is not for the claustrophobic. It's a 2-hour, on your belly, crawling experience, squeezing through sections as small as 18 inches square.

            Traditional bungee jumping is banned in Colorado, but this is as close as it gets. A free-fall sweeping you 50 mph, to hang momentarily over 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River.

            Your sled is pulled on a 6 mile journey by a team of 10-12 dogs. Along the way you'll get the opportunity to drive the sled and control the dogs. They offer a tag team tour that is a little cheaper, as do some other companies like Good Times Adventures in Frisco. Those run $75 to $80 per person.

            Two very different experiences. The Mountain Skills adventure is more of a workshop for riders of all experience levels. It's focused on learning and safety. Lodging is available for $80-$100 a night. Bring your own sled.

           Burandt's Backcountry Adventure is for experienced riders focused on advancing your technical riding skills in some of the craziest terrain and powder snow anywhere! The price includes lodging, all meals, and sled rental. Save $350 per day by bringing your own sled.

            The Dominguez Tour is a 3-day/2night hut trip. More than 50 miles of single and double track terrain on the Western Slope of Colorado, with food, drink, and huts provided. 

            How about a cool 1-day tour in the snow on a fat bike. Included in the package is the fat bike and helmet rental, lunch, and a warm drink a the finish line.

            Class 5 rapids will satisfy adrenaline junkies in Colorado. The Silverton stretch on the Animas River takes you through the famous No Name Rapid section. Mountain Waters Rafting has a combo package that ends with a trip back to the lot, on the famous Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Train.

           Another famous Class 5, is the Pine Creek Section of the Arkansas River. There are many reputable companies in the Buena Vista area. Most of them require class 4 experience before you can attempt Pine Creek. River Runners drops in the river right from their parking lot.

            Know an Ice Climber. Give the gift of a private tour and explore the classic and famous routes in the Silverton, Telluride, and Ouray Backcountry.