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Hot and dry across Colorado through Friday, but cooler this weekend

Heat wave hits Colorado
Posted at 5:07 AM, Jun 26, 2018

DENVER -- Hot and dry weather will cover Colorado for the rest of the week!  Highs hit the mid-90s on Tuesday and it is going to get even warmer Wednesday and Thursday! 

The air is hot at the surface and warm and dry aloft, so there is no moisture or instability to create thunderstorms.  Temperatures will stay in the 80s early tonight, 70s through Midnight and drop to around 60 degrees by morning with a bright nearly full moon.

Wednesday will be very hot again with highs in the upper 90s in Denver and in the low 100s over southeastern Colorado and in the western valleys around Grand Junction.  The record high for June 27th in Denver is 102 degrees, set in 1990.

Denver will not reach the record on Wednesday, but should on Thursday!   If the high reaches 100 degrees on Thursday, it will set a new record - beating the old mark of 99 degrees, set in 1986.

Even in the mountains it will be hot with highs in the 80s for locations around 10,000 feet!  At least if gets cooler at night as the dry air loses the heat from the day and temperatures fall to the 40s in the mountains.

Drink plenty of water and don't forget the sunscreen!  The fire danger will continue to get higher with the heat and a Fire Weather Warning is in effect for western Colorado Wednesday.  

Also remember to NEVER leave a child or a pet inside of a parked car during this heatwave.  A close up vehicle car quickly warm to 120 degrees in just a few minutes!

Some cooler weather will settle in for the weekend and there will be a better chance of storms on Saturday and Sunday.  Highs will drop back into the 80s on the plains and 60s to mid-70s in the mountains.