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Can You Find The Lollipop Hidden Among Ice Cream Cones In This Viral Puzzle?

Can You Find The Lollipop Hidden Among Ice Cream Cones In This Viral Puzzle?
Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 11, 2021

There’s nothing like a tough puzzle to grab your focus and make everything else on your mind disappear for a little while. That’s why we love when picture puzzles go viral online and give us a new distraction!

Artist Gergely Dudás, who illustrates children’s books and is based in Hungary, routinely posts his own original works online, including fiendishly tough hidden-image puzzles. His challenges are always beautifully drawn, colorful and inviting, which belies the difficulty of solving them.

Dudás, who is also known as Dudolf, posts his seek-and-find pictures on his website, which also includes links to the books he’s illustrated. Among his books are collections of hidden-image puzzles that may help make your next flight a little more fun.

Gergely Dudas/Amazon

The free puzzles he posts online have made him a sensation on social media, though. Dudás has more than 163,000 followers on Facebook, where he often shares his new teasers with a link to the full-size version on his site.

That’s exactly what he did in July with a particularly difficult puzzle that delighted many of his followers. The image shows a scene filled from corner to corner with ice cream cones — with the exception of one spot.

Hidden among the frozen treats that dot the yellow background is a lollipop that Dudás urges you to find. Take a look at the image here, from his Facebook post. If you need to see it at full resolution, click the image and it will send you to his website.

Dozens of people commented about their search for the lollipop, but one person offered a particularly useful hint to anyone who is stumped: “Near the ice cream cone,” wrote Robert Sabedra. Thanks for nothing, Bob!

Dudás mercifully provides it on another page of his website. Honestly, even when he gives you the answer, it’s still a pretty tough one to find.

Are you ready for a hint?

It’s on the left side, slightly below center.

Still need another hint?

It’s pink.

If you can’t get enough of Dudolf’s work, check out some of his other puzzles we’ve posted, like a mouse hidden among squirrels, a heart hidden in a Valentine’s Day picture and a Halloween-themed one with a load of jack-o’-lanterns with one that’s different.

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