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UPS, Teamsters set to resume contract negotiations

The development breaks a two-week impasse over contract details like pay for part-time workers and air conditioning in delivery trucks.
UPS, Teamsters set to resume contract negotiations
Posted at 5:30 PM, Jul 19, 2023

The Teamsters union says it will resume contract negotiations with UPS starting next week.

The agreement to resume talks closes a two-week period of impasse between the union and UPS, during which both sides blamed each other for stonewalling progress on negotiations.

The Teamsters union, which has been rallying nationwide in support of workers and represents more than half of all UPS employees, says UPS reached out to resume negotiations.

The two sides have already tentatively agreed to certain work changes, including installing AC in more UPS trucks and improving pay for weekend workers. At the time talks broke down, there still wasn't agreement on potential wage increases for part-time UPS workers.

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Teamsters head Sean O'Brien said he had asked the White House not to step into negotiations, as it did when it broke up an impasse between rail workers and employers late last year.

Lawmakers sent letters this week to leadership at both Teamsters and UPS pledging not to intervene.

No exact date for new negotiations has been set; both sides are expected to work out the timing details as their next step.

The current contract between UPS and the Teamsters expires on July 31.

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