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Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta's arraignment delayed

Walt Nauta has served as Trump's personal aide for the last two years. He is also facing felony charges related to Trump's investigation.
Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta's arraignment delayed
Posted at 3:06 PM, Jun 13, 2023

Former President Donald Trump was not the only person scheduled to go before a judge on Tuesday in the federal government's investigation into his handling of classified documents. 

Trump's personal assistant Walt Nauta was also scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday. His arraignment, however, was postponed by Judge Jonathan Goodman due to a requirement that defendants have local counsel. 

Nauta faces six felony counts, including withholding a document, corruptly concealing a document and conspiracy to obstruct justice. 

Trump allegedly directed Nauta to move boxes of documents to conceal them from the former president's attorney, the FBI and the grand jury. The indictment cites text messages showing Nauta was involved in the moving of boxes. 

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When the FBI asked about his involvement in May 2022, the indictment says Nauta provided false statements, saying he didn't know where the boxes had been stored.

Although Nauta's arraignment was postponed by two weeks, the judge did set bond conditions. Although Nauta is not under any travel restrictions, he and Trump were ordered not to speak to each other about the case. 

Nauta was seen with Trump just moments after the arraignment ended at a Miami-area restaurant.

Nauta was hired to be Trump's personal aide in August 2021, about six months after Trump left the White House.

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