CDOT, other agencies gearing up ahead of Colorado's first snow of the season

CDOT, other agencies prepare for snowstorm
Posted at 6:14 PM, Oct 08, 2017

DENVER – Colorado Department of Transportation crews and other city and state agencies are preparing for the first snowstorm to hit the Front Range and the Foothills this season.

Officials say snow-packed and icy roads are expected to develop Sunday night in the northern and central mountains with slushy and icy roads across the Front Range Urban Corridor from the Denver Metro area to Colorado Springs Monday morning.  

Roads should improve by Monday evening, but crews are getting ready to keep you safe as you commute to work early Monday morning.

In the Denver metro, CDOT crews have already begun rotating 12-hour shifts, and will work around the clock until the snow ends and roads are in good shape.  Crews will continuously remove snow and treat roads, with interstates as the first priority. 

One area CDOT is advising drivers to avoid during the snowstorm? I-25 Monument Hill, south of Castle Rock. CDOT officials say conditions can deteriorate rapidly due to high elevation and limited shoulders.

In Denver, Public Works officials say they have snow plows ready to hit the city’s main streets as needed.

Public Works officials added that while warm temperatures will melt snow on the roadways, minor accumulations are possible in areas where snow falls at heavy rates. Icing is also possible as temperatures are expected to dip below freezing levels.

Some critical information for drivers in Colorado:

Be sure you have good snow tires. How do you know if you need new snow tires? Insert a quarter into the tire tread upside down, with Washington’s head going in first; if the top of George’s head is covered by the tread, your tires are OK (do this test in multiple points around each tire.) If the top of his head is visible at any point, you need new tires.

Limit travel during the height of snow, and give yourself extra time for tomorrow morning’s commute.  Peak snowfall rates are expected 4 a.m. to 7 a.m.  Light snow showers could still impact the evening commute from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

DO NOT pass CDOT plows and stay a safe distance behind, give them the room they need to clear and treat roads.

Be aware that CDOT’s first priority is to treat and plow interstates, the most heavily traveled roads.

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