Rock mitigation to start next week; expect delays on Interstate 70

Posted at 4:30 AM, May 03, 2017

IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The skiing season wrapped up, but you should still expect delays on Interstate 70 in the coming weeks. 

CDOT crews are preparing for a rock implosion. A rock slide happened right by I-70 in the beginning of April. Rock slides are common in the area, as Idaho Springs is surrounded by mountains. 

"I've never seen one happen, but I've seen the aftermath of them," said resident Robert Turner. 

Rock slides usually happen in the spring once the snow melts. Turner said blasts can be heard every now and then.

"Loud explosions that sometimes shake the house a little bit, " Turner said. 

CDOT crews started to prepare for another rock mitigation this week. 

"Crews will be drilling the rocks, getting rid of air pockets, " said CDOT spokesperson Stacia Sellers. "When we blast, we can have a more productive fall."

Sellers said rock slides are unpredictable. 

The rock blasts will happen once a week starting May 8 for about a month. No specific days of the week have been set.

CDOT encourages drivers to call 511 or head to the CDOT website to check for delays. 

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