I-70 will be first 'connected' highway in Colorado

Posted at 1:14 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 20:09:05-04

DENVER -- The Colorado Department of Transportation says it's teaming up with Panasonic to create a connected transportation program.

The goal is to provide drivers with the real time data to make better decisions, according to RoadX and Panasonic.

Under the plan, vehicles will share data with each other and with the transportation system about crashes, slowing traffic and other issues.

"The infrastructure [also] talks to vehicles, telling them if a sharp curve or construction zone is coming up," CDOT said.

The system will link cellular, radio and roadway sensor data and feed it to vehicles in seconds, helping the driver or automated driver system make the best driving decisions.

Officials said they plan to start with the I-70 corridor.

CDOT called I-70 "one of the most challenging corridors in the United States" because it has everything from extreme weather to significant congestion.

“Panasonic is using our nearly 40 years of experience in traffic management to help support safer and more efficient driving," said Joseph M. Taylor, Chairman & CEO of Panasonic Corporation of North America. "Our shared vision is of an integrated platform that will provide drivers with the most real-time data possible and enable them to make better decisions when traveling."

"We are thrilled that they [Panasonic] have chosen to partner with Colorado in bringing advanced technologies and strategies for smart transportation and smart cities," said Gov. John Hickenlooper. "Not only does that position Colorado as one of the leading states in harnessing the tomorrow’s smart technology today, but it accelerates the benefits of such innovations to the residents and travelers of our state."

CDOT expects to have 1.2 million connected vehicles on Colorado's roads by 2025.

"Estimates are that a connected transportation system could reduce crashes by 80% and quadruple highway capacity," said CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt.


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