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Driving You Crazy: Why doesn't Columbine High School have a lowered school zone speed limit?

Columbine crosswalk
Posted at 5:25 AM, May 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-17 08:26:46-04

Karen from Littleton writes, “What's driving you crazy? Every school we can think of has a school zone except Columbine High School. Why does Columbine not have a lowered school zone speed limit?”

According to Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering, they typically don’t establish reduced-speed school zones around high schools. They said school zones are reserved for elementary and middle schools.

That is the simple answer why there is currently not a school zone adjacent to Columbine High School.

I checked out a few other high schools in Jeffco. In front of Chatfield High along Simms Street, there is a crosswalk at Freemont Street for kids to cross but no school zone.

I didn’t see a school zone near Lakewood High School either on Kipling or Independence streets or for Wheat Ridge High School along 32nd Avenue or along Holland Street. However, there is a don’t text while driving sign and a high visibility crosswalk along 32nd Avenue at the entrance of WRHS.

It was the same situation with no school zone designation around Golden High School, Pomona High School, Dakota Ridge High School and Arvada West High School.

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If you would like to change this policy, Karen, and establish a new school zone, Jefferson County said you can make a request to Jeffco Transportation and Engineering as school zone designations are determined by the division utilizing engineering judgment.

Factors that would be considered include where and how many students are crossing the street, as well as the speed and volume of traffic on that roadway. The evaluation would include observations of the speed and volume of traffic at the start and end of the school day and a review of pertinent crash history that may have occurred around the school.

Jefferson County is currently planning a study to evaluate potential improvements to Pierce Street north and south of CHS. The county hopes to engage the local community throughout the design process.

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