Driving You Crazy: Why are there no stop/start lights for merging traffic from north I-25 to Colfax?

Who has the right of way?
Posted at 6:59 AM, Mar 30, 2018

Jane from Denver writes, “What is driving you crazy? The exit off I-25 N for Colfax going into downtown. Why are there no stop/start lights for merging traffic?? Who has the right of way?? This is a mess!!”

You are right Jane, that transition is a bit confusing. The problem is there are two right turn lanes that join eastbound Colfax and only one of the lanes has a dedicated merge lane just after the turn. CDOT told me this dual right turn onto Colfax is signed with yield signs and that traffic already on eastbound Colfax has the right of way and right turning traffic must yield.

The way CDOT said it is supposed to work is each lane independently yields to traffic on Colfax. If merging from the right turn lane you have the ability to merge a bit easier into the right eastbound lane because of the dedicated merge lane. If merging from the left turn lane, CDOT recommends being sure the right lane on eastbound Colfax is clear before merging.

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Obviously when the light is red holding traffic on eastbound Colfax, it is much easier to make that merge from either turn lane. CDOT didn’t indicate to me about any plans they have now or in the future to change that rap and the way it is laid out.

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