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Driving You Crazy: What happened to South Logan that made it so bumpy?

It's just crazy that they spent all this time to repave the road and it's done so badly!
South Logan Street
Posted at 5:34 AM, Jun 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-20 10:01:40-04

DENVER — Stephen from Denver writes, “What’s driving you crazy? What happened to South Logan between Mexico Ave and Florida Ave in Platt Park? This portion of Logan was closed for some time and now, the northbound lanes are SO bumpy. Much more than they ever were before the repaving. There is a pretty clear difference in color between the gray older pavement in the southbound lanes and the newer (bumpier) black pavement in the northbound lanes. It's just crazy to me that they spent all this time to repave the road and it's done so badly!”

Your new bumpy route Stephen wasn’t from a repaving job. It was a result a poorly done temporary patching job after Denver Water tore up the street. When I took a look for myself and drove it, I was bumping around a lot. It is even worse when riding a bike.

Denver Water tells me they were working under South Logan Street on a pipe replacement project between Florida and Mexico Avenues. After the pipe work was completed, the holes were filled and then covered with some temporary asphalt. Jimmy Luthye with Denver Water tells me they know it is bumpy and not the way it used to be before the work but will make it right.

“This follows Denver Water’s standard process for pipe replacement work. When we complete a project area, we repave with an asphalt patch until our contractor can come back to complete final repaving.”

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Jimmy tells me they expect the final paving work to happen in the next several weeks or so. He tells me the rainy weather has been the main factor when it comes to scheduling delays for the final repaving and as we all know it has been quite wet this spring. Other Denver Water projects that were conducted this past fall and winter that were also temporary patched will also be put on the schedule to make permanent asphalt replacement.

The final paving Denver Water will be doing will be only over the northbound lanes on South Logan Street in the previous work area. The rest of Logan Street in that area also needs to be repaved, but that will be done by Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. They tell me they will be repaving that entire section of South Logan, both the bumpy northbound and smoother southbound lanes between Virginia Street to Yale Avenue either later this year or during the regular paving season next year.

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