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Driving You Crazy: Can you turn on red from the outside lane of a double right turn lane?

Double right turn
Double right turn 1
Posted at 5:19 AM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 08:48:49-04

Michael from Parker writes, “What’s Driving You Crazy? If you are in the outside lane of a double right turn, can you turn on red after a stop or is it only legal from the inside right turn lane to turn right on red after stop? I've seen them around town, but I know one when you are entering Southlands Mall from Smoky Hill in front of the bookstore and when you exit that area back to Smoky Hill.”

Those types of double right turns are unusual, but they work just like a single right turn. Unless there is a sign that specifically prohibits a driver from doing it, it is legal and proper to make a right turn on red for drivers in each of the right turn lanes. Each driver, though, needs to come to a full stop and make sure that the turn can be made safely from either of the right turn lanes.

But even though the double right is allowed, my guess is that most drivers don’t know that. So don’t be surprised to sit behind the left side right turn driver while the light is red.

Also, beware that the driver in the lane you will be turning into might not know this rule either and could be confused by the right turn into the left lane. By the way, even if the double right turn is legal, it isn’t required. I covered that issue in a separate story.

By the way, when making a right on red from the left right turn lane, make sure to turn into the same lane on the next road. For example, if you turn from the left right turn lane onto a two-lane road, then you should turn into the left lane of the new road. If turning onto a three-lane road, then you should turn into the middle lane of the new road.

There is one good example where there is a double right that does not allow the outside right to make a right on red. It is from Northbound Parker Rd to go east on Arapahoe Road at South Lewiston Way. The double right can be made on green, but not red.

Of course, even though this double right on red rule is allowed in Colorado, it might not be in other states.