Driving You Crazy: Can bicyclists in downtown Denver ride on the sidewalks?

Viewer: I am constantly afraid of getting run over
Posted at 10:32 AM, Jun 29, 2018

Cecilia from Denver writes, “What is driving you crazy? Denver and surrounding cities have accommodated bicyclists with lanes in the streets and a bike sharing program but many bicyclists in downtown Denver ride on the sidewalks. I am constantly afraid of getting run over. Can they ride on the sidewalk or not?"


In most instances Cecilia, bikes are not allowed on Denver sidewalks. Per the city ordinance, people on bikes are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk in Denver, however, they are allowed on the sidewalk in only certain circumstances:

•         if the sidewalk is also part of a designated bike route.

•         if the rider is delivering newspapers.

•         if the rider is within one block of preparing to get on or get off and park their bike.

In these special cases, bikes must yield to pedestrians, as people always have the right of way on the sidewalk. You can find more rules of the road for bikes on this City of Denver website.

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