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You Can Wear This Portable Air Conditioner Inside Your Shirt

You Can Wear This Portable Air Conditioner Inside Your Shirt
Posted at 4:30 PM, Aug 01, 2019

Technology is finally catching up with our need to control the temperature at all times — no matter where we are. Sony just wrapped up the crowdfunding phase of releasing a portable air conditioner that can be worn in your shirt, so you’ll never have to feel too hot or too cold again.

The Reon Pocket, as the product is being called right now, moderates temperature in a fashion similar to your refrigerator, Travel + Leisure points out, using an electrical current to absorb or create heat, depending on if you’re looking to cool down or warm up. The slender device slips into a special undershirt that’s designed with a pocket on the back, going discreetly under your normal clothes, keeping you comfortable wherever you go.

An app allows you to control the temperature of the Reon Pocket, so you can moderate your body temperature with just a tap on a phone screen. This short video from Sony’s crowdfunding platform, First Flight, shows how the Reon Pocket works:

The crowdfunding was a success and Sony met its goal, but, according to The Verge, those who supported the project won’t receive a Reon Pocket until March 2020.

It apparently took the tech company two years to get the Reon Pocket ready for the crowdfunding stage, but it took only seven days for the product to reach its target amount of 66,000,000 yen, which equates to just over $600,000.

Sony First Flight

So far, it seems as though the product will only be available in Japan, but with the overwhelming support it’s received so far, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Sony’s clever new product going international in the future.

Thankfully for those of us not in Japan (and currently dealing with heat waves all around the world), this isn’t the only piece of technology that will help you control your body temperature at all times. There’s also a product called the Embr Wave that is worn on your wrist and resembles a typical smartwatch. It uses technology to cool down or heat up your body.

This device can also be controlled via a phone app and worn anywhere you go. It retails for $299 online through the brand’s website or at retailers such as Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters

Those who have tried the product claim it really works. Gadget reviewer Erin Lawrence said in a YouTube review of the product that she wasn’t sure if the Embr Wave was working because it played tricks on her mind or if it actually did physically cool her down, but she didn’t seem to mind either way:

What do you think of portable air conditioning technology? Would you be willing to give it a try? Anything to beat the heat, am I right?

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