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This color-coded Cuisinart knife set is less than $20

This color-coded Cuisinart knife set is less than $20
Posted at 3:20 PM, Oct 31, 2022

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Using the right tool is important for any task, especially when it comes to working in the kitchen. Not only is using the right knife important for making sure your recipes turn out perfectly every time, but it can also save you from little (and big!) nicks and cuts.

That is why we are loving this color-coded Cuisinart knife set that sells for less than $20 on Amazon at full price. The eye-catching set includes a chef knife, slicing knife, serrated bread knife, santoku knife, utility knife and a paring knife. Each colorful knife comes with a matching blade guard so you can easily and safety store your knives in a drawer and keep the color-coding functionality.

This Cuisnart knife set is fun to look at but also cuts down on the risk of cross-contamination when you’re doing food prep. Wondering what each knife in the set should be used for?


The chef’s knife is the most versatile of all knives, and it can be used for many things in the kitchen. It’s best for things like cutting raw meat, disjointing bones, as well as dicing things like veggies and fruits, or even chopping nuts.

A slicing knife is thinner than a chef’s knife, and is perfect for things like carving the holiday turkey or thinly slicing cucumbers or other veggies for a beautifully presented salad. It is also wonderful for slicing raw meat into thin cutlets before you cook it.

A serrated bread knife can be used for so much more than just slicing bread. It can also be used for cutting perfect cake layers or cutting juicy fruits with gentle skins, like tomatoes or peaches. The serrated edge keeps the skin from tearing off and ensures your presentation is precise and picture-perfect.

A santoku knife is a Japanese style of blade that has become a staple in Western kitchens. It can be used for slicing, dicing and mincing (indeed, the term santoku translates to “three virtues,” which refers to the three services this knife can provide in the kitchen). You can use your santoku knife on everything from slicing cheese to mincing garlic to dicing onions. It differs from a chef’s knife because it has hollow edges that keep food from sticking to the steel.

A paring knife is best used for delicate tasks like peeling, trimming or other intricate knife work. Your utility knife is handy for all kitchen uses, whether you are cutting up an apple, slicing sandwiches or chopping potatoes.


With roughly 22,000 reviews at Amazon and a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, this Cuisinart knife set comes as highly recommended as any you’ll find on the site, with people praising the sharpness of the knives and their overall design.

Other Popular Knife Sets on Amazon

If the color-coded organization is what interests you in the Cuisinart set, you’ll find a knife set from Master Chef that makes it even easier to keep your blades in order. This set has actual labels on the knives with a function on each: prep, dice, chop, peel, cut or slice.

Especially good for a beginning chef or anyone who battles eyesight difficulties, these color-coded, labeled knives feature big lettering will take the stress out of cooking. This $30 knife set has an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.


Looking for a deeply discounted Cuisinart knife set? A particularly attractive one from the brand is 50% off as of this writing. Reduced from $160 to $80, this 15-piece knife set features high-carbon stainless steel blades in a classic wooden knife block. You can choose from three different handles, such as white, black or walnut.


Once you’ve had your new knives for a bit, check out our picks for the best knife sharpeners for a reliable way to keep them doing their best work.

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