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This Bracelet Promises To Cool You Down In Just A Few Minutes

This Bracelet Promises To Cool You Down In Just A Few Minutes
Posted at 4:45 PM, Aug 01, 2019

With the summer heat in full swing, staying cool and not sweating through your clothes can be a real struggle. But that’s where this new bracelet comes in.

Hold up. A bracelet?

It’s true. The Embr Wave Bracelet — a new piece of smart jewelry — is being marketed as a “personal thermostat.” Not only does it allow you to beat the heat, but it also helvps you stay warm when the A/C is on full blast and you feel like you need to set up a space heater just to stay warm.

But how does it work?

Embr Wave

According to the Embr website, the Embr Wave uses a patented technology to cool or heat the sensitive skin in the wrist area, working to slowly cool down or heat up your overall body. Apparently, this technique triggers a natural response in your body that makes you feel cooler or warmer in just minutes.

You can “adjust your thermostat” by either pressing the bracelet or using an app on your phone. As with most fitness trackers, you can use this app not only to control the bracelet but also to better understand your own personal temperature patterns.

Embr Wave

As you might imagine, having this level of comfort at your fingertips doesn’t exactly come cheap. But considering that you may never have to be too hot or too cold again, the $299 price point doesn’t seem like too much to ask. You can purchase the Embr Wave through the Embr website or on sites such as Urban Outfitters or the Museum of Modern Art online store.

You may feel that something like this seems too good to be true. But based on the reviews online, there may be something to it. One customer found the device to be helpful at outdoor sporting events.

“We attend outdoor sporting events,” the reviewer wrote. “Baseball in February and March can be really cold, so I use the warming feature. Playoffs happen in May and June, where in Texas it can be quite hot. Then, I will use the cooling feature.”

The only complaint? “Works great, only wish is that the cycle would last longer.”

Embr has since responded to this review, noting that the cooling/heating feature can now last as long as 60 minutes at a time. You can customize the length of the cooling/heating period in the app.

Embr Wave

Another customer pointed out just how helpful this bracelet can be when you sense a hot flash coming on.

“I am in that wonderful stage of life of inconvenient hot flashes,” she wrote. “They spring up frequently at work under stress and brisk walking. I was ecstatic to discover a product that could help my dilemma. When I feel a hot flash coming on, I just press the cool end of the toggle. Instant coolness is felt on my wrist and relief is on the way. Embr Wave has cut the severity of my hot flashes. I have recommended Embr Wave to my co-workers and my patients. As an RN in an extremely busy Pre-op Surgery Unit, I have found Embr Wave a neccessary [sic] tool to aid in regulating my temperature.”

Meanwhile, a video on YouTube from gadget reviewer Erin Lawrence points out that the temperature changing effect could very well be psychological. At the same time, she concedes that the device has made a difference in her life.

What do you think? Is the Embr bracelet worth the $299 it’ll cost you to give it a try?

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