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This 9-year-old Filled An Empty ChapStick Tube With Cheese To Eat During Class—and People Are Very Impressed

Posted at 9:05 AM, Oct 01, 2019

Just when you thought kids were wasting their time watching YouTube video after YouTube video, this girl comes along with the cheese-in-a-tube hack she picked up online and changes everything you thought you knew about what is good and right in the world.

In case it wasn’t clear, putting cheese in an empty ChapStick tube so you have something to nibble on later is good and right.

Valerie Schremp Hahn, who is a features reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, tweeted a photo of her 9-year-old daughter’s brilliant upcycling idea for a used-up lip balm tube, along with the explanation that she “filled it with cheese so she can eat it in class.”

Adults were so impressed with the simple genius of this move that the tweet is approaching 70,000 likes. Though I assume way more than 70,000 people think that putting cheese in a tube for an anytime snack is a great idea. It obviously is.

When the tweet went viral, Hahn’s colleague at the Post-Dispatch reported on the very important story, interviewing the girl, who her mom is keeping anonymous, to get the full scoop. Apparently, this visionary fourth-grader came up with the idea after seeing a YouTube video of someone putting cheese in an empty glue stick tube but ran with her inspired lip balm tube plan instead “because I had an empty ChapStick container right next to me, and I was hungry.”

The girl used a sharp cheddar from Aldi and got the cheese into the tube by punching the empty tube into the block, cookie-cutter style. No knives, no special kitchen tools. Just pure cleverness.

Several companies sent Hahn cheese after the viral pic, including Aldi and Sargento, who even went so far as to send them empty Sargento-branded tubes with their string cheese. Sargento wrote in their note to the family, “We figured we would send you some empties that you can fill for your friends!”

Hrm. Looks like cheddar was a better fit.

We presume this prodigal child is experimenting with an array of cheese varieties. (Just guessing, but brie is probably too soft once it’s out of its own natural casing, and a hard-but-delish Parmigiano Reggiano would be impossible to cut into the tube. Clearly, there’s a need for some R&D here.)

Hahn seems to have inventive kids. She also tweeted this video of the robotic arm her son created while “Sister was making cheese tubes and I was browsing my phone.”

So we’re feeling confident this family will come up with the optimal cheese-in-a-tube combo and share it with the rest of the world.

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