Baby+Company offers out-of-hospital option

Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-10 20:04:12-04

For moms and dads to be, choosing a birth-plan is a very personal decision. And these days, many expectant parents are looking at alternative options.

7NEWS reporter Kristen Skovira explored a new birthing center in Denver. It’s one of only a few of its kind in the state and it's a "far cry" from a traditional hospital.

"People are so used to hospital births that anything outside of that they think is crazy or weird," said mom-to-be, Katie Siefermann.

Crazy. Or weird. The thought does cross your mind when you realize that the Baby+Company birthing center is located in a Wheat Ridge strip mall. 

"We had our second baby this morning,” said Laura Thielke, Clinical Director of Baby+Company.

"The midwives are highly capable of delivering your baby. And this is the model that's across the world -- more used than a hospital setting," said expectant mother, Nicole Edwards.

It is definitely not a hospital setting, but according to the center, that's a good thing.

"There's lots of tools we have tucked up our sleeve and in the room. I think with the education, with the support surrounding you and with the proper environment, it's a very empowering experience and doesn't have to be just something that you are dealing with," Thielke said.

It feels much more like a day spa or a plush hotel.

"This one is so gorgeous, I want to live here," said Edwards.

Centers like these are popping up nationwide, giving expectant moms like Katie Siefermann an out-of-hospital option.
"I feel that our bodies are meant to do this and I can get through it and if worse comes to worse, Lutheran [Hospital] is just down the street," she said. 

And what about labor pains? You won't find any epidurals here. 

"If you know that ahead of time going into it that that's the route you are taking, your body and your mind prepare itself," Edwards said.