Ex-Broncos' WR: Broncos need 5 P's to win Sunday

Posted at 9:24 AM, Feb 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-06 22:30:45-05

While Denver Broncos fans have cheered Brandon Marshall -- the current linebacker -- many remember when the team had Brandon Marshall, a wide receiver, on the team.

That Marshall played four years with the Broncos. Since he left Denver in 2009, he's played for the Dolphins, Bears and is now with the Jets.

"I miss Denver," Marshall told Denver7 this week in San Francisco where he's covering the Super Bowl festivities for DirecTV's Audience Sports. "I lived off C-470 and Kipling in Foothills, loved it. I also lived at Alameda Park, off Quebec."

Marshall has not forgotten where he lived in Denver and he has not forgotten his old team.

He says the 5 keys to the Broncos winning the Super Bowl are the 5 P's.

1. Precision.

"The wide receivers have to be precise in their route running," Marshall said.

2. Patience.

"You have to be patient against this Carolina defense, because they’re a 'bend, but don’t break,' defense," Marshall explained. "They want you to go the long haul. They want you to go 10, 11, 12 plays. You have to be patient, you have to pound the rock."

3. Pound the Rock

"You have to commit to the running game," Marshall believes. "You have to pound the rock and commit to it."

4. Protection

"Protect Peyton Manning," Marshall said simply.

5. Points

"You need 6 points, not 3," Marshall stressed.

Marshall said the player who has to have a good game is punter Britton Colquitt.

"I think this is going to come down to a game of hidden yardage," Marshall said. "The punters will be crucial here."

"Because you have two pretty powerful, dominant defenses, you may go three-and-out here and there, you’re going to have some drives stalled, so this guy [Colquitt] is going to have to have a big game," Marshall said. "If he does, he could be the key to a victory."

Marshall is getting a chance to talk football with some of the past and current greats for his off-season job, working for AUDIENCE Sports.

This week, he's interviewed Joe Montana, Drew Brees, JJ Watt and others. He says working in TV gives him access.

"You say, 'Brandon, you’re a wide receiver for the New York Jets, you can go anywhere.' No," Marshall said. "But when you have a microphone and a camera, and you say DirecTV and AUDIENCE Sports is with me, they’ll give you everything."

His interviews are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, it turns out the interviews he really wants to do are the celebrities.

"I see the athletes all the time," Marshall said. "I’m really excited to go to DirecTV's party. I want to interview some celebrities and entertainers."


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