See behind the scenes video after Broncos win

Posted at 12:37 AM, Feb 08, 2016

After the Denver Broncos win on Sunday night, we took our special, reader-controlled, 360-degree camera behind the scenes.

Now you can pan the camera around to see what's going on.

First, take a look at a minute of quarterback Peyton Manning's news conference. There are so many photographers and reporters, it's hard to get near him. However, you can hear a little bit of what he had to say as you pan around and look at that incredible crowd.

Next, we were rolling when former Broncos quarterback, now general manager, John Elway left an interview with the NFL Network on the field at Levi's Stadium. You can watch as he walks to his waiting cart ride and gets talked into one more interview with a Denver TV station.

And finally, we left our camera in the middle of the field at Levi's Stadium, right on the logo of the Lombardi Trophy, so you could pan around and just see what's going on. You'll likely notice all the confetti on the ground and you may hear people talking about that weird thing laying on the ground (it's the camera and the cell phone that controls it).