SF Uber driver's scoop on 5 places to eat, drink

Posted at 3:23 PM, Feb 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 17:23:44-05

What are the best places to eat in San Francisco? Sure there's five-star restaurants, Fisherman's Wharf and other places, but we decided to ask a local for advice.

Jenny, a driver with Uber in San Francisco, dished the scoop on her city while driving Denver7 anchor Anne Trujillo to an interview in Pacific Heights.

"Brunch at Plow," that was Jenny's first recommendation. She praised the food and the owners.

"Half of San Francisco is our food, we love our food," Jenny explained as she raved about several restaurants.

For Greek, she recommends Palmyra in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

"They deliver," Jenny said, and she especially recommended the chicken.

Prefer Mexican food?

Jenny recommends the super burritos at El Farolito.

"There's every kind of food and bars here," Jenny said. "It's constantly active. Lots of festivals. There's always something going on."

Jenny said you never get bored in San Francisco.

Jenny has lived in San Francisco for six years. She drives for Uber for three weeks, then takes two weeks off and travels.

"I really like the vibe here with different neighborhoods," Jenny explained. ""So many different people here."

And she wasn't done with her recommendations.

If you like coffee, Jenny suggested Sightglass Coffee on 7th and Folsom.

And if you want something cheap and easy, but with a great view, Jenny said go to Twin Peaks. Not the restaurant, but the park in San Francisco.

"[You'll] see the entire bay," Jenny said. "It's the highest point in the city."

"Get sandwiches to go and enjoy the most amazing view," Jenny said.

Thanks Jenny!