CA Broncos fan raising $ for Super Bowl ticket

Posted at 10:11 PM, Feb 01, 2016

Robert Greear has been a Broncos fan since he was a kid and he has the collection to prove it.

"When they lose, I cry, when they win, I cry," Greear told Denver7 Anne Trujillo.

He is turning to social media in hopes of raising enough money to by a ticket for Super Bowl 50.

He loves John Elway and has a funny story about how they met.

"He walks over and I said, 'Please sign my jersey.' 'How do I know you're not going to sell it?' Because I have tattoos and real fans have tattoos," Greear said.

Robert spends his days helping people as a drug and alcohol counselor and he says it's hard to ask others to help him.

"This is not in my nature. This is not me. It's been hard," he explained. "The Super Bowl is 90 miles from where I live and I just want so bad to be there."

He saved  $1,500 on his own and set up a GoFundMe site which had raised $1,600 by Monday evening.

"I would pretty much do anything to go to the Super Bowl and see 'em play," said Greear