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Nuggets Nation uses good luck charms to help the team through the NBA Finals

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Posted at 7:47 AM, Jun 01, 2023

DENVER — If there's one thing about sports fans, it's their dedication to helping their team win. Die-hard fans take it a step further, discovering routines and practices that send a little extra luck to the field or court.

One thing that Denver Nuggets fans at Ball Arena can experience is the standing tradition, where you cannot sit until the Nuggets score their first point.

I've learned that Nuggets Nation is extremely superstitious — and very willing to share. From lucky clothing items to gameday practices, there's a myriad of ways fans try to help their team.

Here are just some of Nuggets Nation's many traditions:

Jen has a lucky Nikola Jokic jersey, a lucky Joker crown AND a lucky Rocky plushy.

Janet brings in some luck from the Nuggets' Ball Arena neighbors — the Colorado Avalanche.

Nuggets traditions 2

Eric takes it a step further. Once he gets a vision of his good luck outfit, he sticks with it!

Humans aren't the only ones getting involved! Brody has his lucky Nuggets bandanna.

Siera goes all out by making posters for each game she attends! After it's seen on the Jumbotron, the creation is put away and a new one is made.

John's children have their own tradition. Two Funko figures have guarded the TV since the playoffs began.

When it comes to gamedays, Eric needs some peace and quiet.

Louie takes a different route. He records the game and watches it later. (Don't worry, Louie, I get nervous watching the games, too)

Nuggets traditions

Garrett has taken some creative liberties with the standing tradition and stands the whole game. Now that's what I call commitment!

Your tradition — whether big or small — does make a difference (even if it's not seen on the scoreboard). Let's keep it up, Nuggets fans!