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Mom's TikTok video goes viral after son's Nuggets jersey snatched up by someone at Championship Parade

Owner of local shop offers 8-year-old signed jersey after seeing video on TikTok
Posted at 5:06 PM, Jun 19, 2023

GOLDEN, Colo. — A mom’s TikTok video from the Nuggets Victory Parade has gone viral.

It shows her 8-year-old son in his Nuggets jersey, he then takes off his jersey and throws it up to Jamal Murray on a fire truck.

“The police were allowing, just the kids, to get autographs and throw stuff up and whatnot,” said Mary Coronel.

Coronel’s 8-year-old son, Alex, threw his Jokic jersey to Jamal who then signed it and threw it back down to the crowd.

“He took it off, we threw it up, (Jamal) caught it and then he was signing things like crazy,” Coronel said. “He had a marker; he was all ready to go.”

But the jersey never came back to Alex. Someone snagged a youth medium Jokic jersey now signed by Jamal Murray.

“And then, finally, we just see him kind of throw the jersey over and it was within hands reach,” Coronel said. “And then somebody just came from behind us and swooped it up.”

Mom's TikTok video goes viral after son's Nuggets jersey snatched up by someone at Championship Parade

Coronel’s TikTok video has 164,000 views and counting.

“It was a Jokic jersey,” Coronel said. “Super unique, like if somebody has it or anybody sees it – it’s not like brand new, it has wear and tear.”

What has come of the TikTok video are thousands of comments and more.

“I saw it come up, saw this kid at the parade, he threw up his jersey and Jamal signed it and threw it back,” said Zack Loffert, owner of Rodz and Bodz movie car museum in Golden. “And somebody snagged it and took off and I was like – that’s not right. I’d be crying as an adult.”

So, Loffert decided he had to do something about it.

“Do you like hats and shirts or do you like hats and hoodies?” Loffert asked Alex. “You want that one – that’s yours. And guess what else we got? We reached out to our people and we got you a signed Jamal jersey and it will be here on Wednesday."

“For real,” said Alex. “Thank you.”

“It’s just awesome to see people step forward,” Coronel said. “Just a lot of positivity and love.”

“I want to thank them a lot for getting me a signed jersey and giving me all this stuff,” Alex said. “This is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Think of it,” Loffert said. “For a kid his age, these are his superheroes. So, we’ve got to turn a negative into a positive.”