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The Nuggets' 'team mom' is a superfan who's been rooting for the team for 30 years

One Nuggets super fan has become the unofficial "Mom" of the team
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Posted at 5:16 PM, May 20, 2023

DENVER — Everyone knows the Denver Nuggets have some of the most loyal fans. But not all can say they've won awards for their dedication to the team.

One super fan is standing out from the rest.

Vicki Ray's love for the team started over three decades ago. Ray said she wasn't always a fan of basketball. She first moved to Colorado around 30 years ago.

"My husband [Russ] said, 'Let's go to a basketball game.' And I said 'I don't want to go to no damn basketball game.' ... And then he convinced me,'" she said.

The Nuggets' unofficial 'team mom' is a superfan who's been rooting for the team for 30 years

Ray has only missed a few games ever since.

Not only is she the team's unofficial "Mom," in 2016, Ray was also crowned Fan of the Year by Mile High Sports.

"Some of them call me 'Mama' and some of them call me 'Vic,'" she said. "They come out the tunnel where I sit and they high-five when they come out. And then when they leave at the end of the night, they tell me goodbye."

The team has also been there for her too, like a year ago when she suffered a stroke.

"It was scary. But the players kept in touch with me and sent me messages. It made me cry," she said.

Her husband passed away a few years ago, but she said he still is with her in spirit. Ray wears a necklace with her husband's photo on it to every game.

Ray said she is feeling a lot better after going through some health challenges

"I have some excitement for the Lakers team being here because there are three ex-Nuggets on the Lakers," she said.

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