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Inside the NBA feed truck broadcasting the Finals to 214 countries in 60 languages

On the north side of Ball Arena sits the NBA's world feed truck producing international broadcasts of the Nuggets' first NBA Finals.
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Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-01 22:04:52-04

DENVER — The Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat aren't the only teams preparing for the eyes of the world to be upon them. The NBA's broadcast team has been hard at work finalizing the details ahead of the championship series.

The Finals will reach fans in 214 countries and territories, and will be broadcast in 60 languages, according to the league.

"In the world feed, we're integrating elements from the ABC domestic broadcast with our own international cameras and our international commentators. We have 11 of which who are on site. We're providing that localized flavor for the broadcast around the world," said Dave Barry, the senior vice president of broadcast operations & engineering with the NBA.

The goal is to bring international fans closer to the sport.

The Nuggets roster features several international players, including Nikola Jokić from Serbia, Vlatko Čančar from Slovenia, Jack White from Australia and Jamal Murray from Canada. This season featured a record number of Canadian players (22).

International talent across the league is at an all-time high. The NBA says there are currently 120 international players in the league from 41 different countries.

According to the NBA, viewing parties for the Finals are happening across five continents. Fans in Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Japan and the Philippines, as well as several other countries, with gather together to watch the games.

Denver7's Russell Haythorn took an exclusive look inside the NBA's world feed truck:

Inside the truck broadcasting the NBA Finals, Denver Nuggets to the world