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Denver trailblazers Moser, Lombardi, Kane leap from airwaves to eyeballs

Denver trailblazers Moser, Lombardi and Kane leap from airwaves to eyeballs
Posted at 8:00 AM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 10:00:55-05

“This was sort of my vision when I joined Altitude five years ago,” said Vic Lombardi, one of the Kroenke-owned sports network’s main TV hosts.

What Lombardi is talking about is a simulcast of the radio show he works on with Marc Moser and Brett Kane.

Lombardi and Moser are names you likely recognize.

Lombardi is one of the most recognizable local sports anchors in Denver’s recent history – and he’s a native, unapologetically "westside."

Moser — better known as "Mose" — is the TV voice of the Colorado Avalanche 13 years running and has worked with the team since 1997.

Kane is a dude from Omaha.

“The guy from Nebraska,” said Kane. “(It’s) perfect.”

That dynamic is exactly what makes Moser, Lombardi, and Kane from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. one of the fastest growing sports radio shows in the country, let alone here in Denver.

“(Kane is) terrific, he’s young, he’s cool,” Moser said. “The chemistry was right away. What you see on the air is what you see off the air.”

Kane was brought in to help keep Lombardi and Moser young.

“We’re old,” Lombardi said. “Some would call us elderly. Some would call us corpses. I think for the big community sports fan, you’ve got to be malleable. For a guy to come in out of left field with a completely different perspective than us, that’s healthy for the show.”

So healthy that the show’s Twitch stream became an overnight sensation.

“You look up and you realize we’re like top 10 sports worldwide program, No. 1 in Denver, and all of a sudden it’s like ‘OK, cool let’s do it.’”

Lombardi’s dream of a simulcast became reality on Feb. 1, 2021.

But the TV show isn’t an attention grab — it’s a commitment to one of their core tenets: inclusivity.

“If we can in some way help you get through your day or something like that, that makes it even more worth it because it’s not just you kidding around and doing something for yourself,” Kane said. “You can help people every once in a while and that’s great.”

"New listeners every day" is a motto the show lives by, hoping to become a sort of sports safe haven for anybody and everybody.

“We’re in this together and that’s what sports is,” Lombardi said. “It’s the ultimate community show.”

“Things can get really difficult,” Moser said. “If people can just find a ray of sunshine in a day that’s a real pain in the tail, I hope we started off OK.”

You can watch or listen to Moser, Lombardi and Kane weekday mornings from 7-10 a.m. on Altitude Sports Radio 92.5 or Altitude TV.