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Unlikely connection brings global Broncos Country together

Posted at 12:50 PM, May 04, 2020

In 1990's Ireland, Monday's were reserved for Italian soccer and NFL highlights.

Colum Cronin remembers huddling around his television transfixed by a man running around in a bright orange number seven jersey.

“I just thought the way [John] Elway played was phenomenal," remembers Cronin. "I loved watching him play.”

Decades later Cronin now helps run a fan group called Broncos Europe that works to keep the international community of Broncos fans together. But in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, that goal has become increasingly more difficult to reach.

“We wanted to generate that sense of community," says Cronin. "We missed meeting up, we missed going to the pub.”

They put together a video with help from members from around the world to promote a positive message and create a sense of community.

Their hope of getting to see the Broncos play live this fall at Tottenham Stadium will likely die this week when the NFL releases their schedule, but they continue to stay optimistic and look forward to a chance when they can get together and cheer on their team again.

“It’ll be an even bigger party," says Cronin. "I’d like to welcome everyone to come on over and celebrate with us, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic.”