7 oddest characters at Super Bowl Media Night

Posted at 11:24 PM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 10:30:34-05

The annual Super Bowl Media Day, now at night, once again brought out journalists, sports reporters and a few other characters.

Here's our non-official, but entertaining, top 7 countdown of Super Bowl 50 media night characters.

No. 7: Half and Half cop

Meet California Highway Patrolman Hal.

He was working the event as an officer and as a fan.

He said his wife made his split personality shirt. That's because SHE's a Broncos fan. She was born in Colorado and is a fan of Peyton Manning.

Hal? He doesn't agree. He's a Cam Newton fan.

Sunday will be interesting at their house.

No. 6: YouTube guy

Meet Flula, the German singer and YouTube Star. Yes, he said his name is pronounced like the flu and la.

Aqib Talib said he would pay Flula for his golden microphone, but Flula couldn't be talked out of it.

In case you can't see enough of Flula's outfit, here's a better look at the patterns and colors.

I'm not sure if my camera took a blurry picture or if that's just his shorts.

If you're wondering what Flula does, here's his YouTube page.

No. 5: The puppets

I don't know any Spanish, but I know goofy.

Meet the Pichas, a pair of puppets with the Mexico TV network, TV Azteca. The Pichas, and their sidekick in the middle, interviewed players and other media in Spanish.

No. 4: Out-of-place skier

In Colorado, this guy would fit right in. But San Francisco? He stood out.

This is Philip Hajszan, a sports reporter from Austria. His station in Austria shows two sports live -- soccer and American playoff football -- so Philip comes to the Super Bowl.

He's in San Francisco for 10 days, but we don't know if he'll make it to Lake Tahoe, or Colorado, to ski.

He said this is sixth year at media day.

No. 3: Pick boy

Here he comes to save the day. Oh wait, that was Mighty Mouse. This is Pick Boy.

Pick Boy was a super hero that "picked" people from the audience on a Nickelodeon show from 2002 to 2005. Now he appears in ads and at events, such as Media Night.

No. 2: The Orange Crew

Is it wrong to put my co-workers in this article? Not if they're part of the cast of characters at the event, right?

Last year, Denver7 sports anchors Lionel Bienvenu (far left) and Arran Andersen (second from the right) wore the "jackets" to media day.  Arran wore his again this year. Lionel went with the Broncos Christmas sweater and they both added memorable orange pants.

Not to be outdone, this year the orange rash, I mean fun, spread. This year Denver7 First Alert meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo wore a Broncos dress and former Broncos player Brandon Stokley RENTED an orange jacket from a parking attendant to fit in.

Can't wait to see what they'll add next year!

No 1. (drum roll please) Miss Universe

No, really, it's Miss Universe.

We had to pick her. Not just because she didn't get picked first when the Miss Universe host Steve Harvey read the wrong name as the winner at her pageant. But because EVERYONE wanted to see her, talk to her, take pictures with her, so Miss Universe is Number 1 in the pageant of Super Bowl memorable characters.

By the way, she wasn't just hanging out, she was working. For Inside Edition.

We do have one honorable mention. Or do we call her a runner-up since she is listed after the pageant winner?

Keltie Knight not only got a lot of attention for her tight-fitting referee uniform and red flag she tossed around, she also got into the fun at media night, creating lots of buzz and making at least two Broncos players laugh and have a good time.

Yes, they "caught" the girl.

Well done! Let's see what all of you come up with next year!